The Importance of Links in SEO

While many so-called professionals claimed links are not helpful in any way, Google has confirmed that it’s an important factor in page ranking. The company was very clear saying that webmasters are able to increase the position of the website increasing the number of links to its pages. However, these have to be high-quality reputable sites. Let’s dive deeper into this matter and find out why link building is so significant for SEO.

The factors that influence

The basic idea is that the more links lead to the website the higher rank that website will obtain. Nonetheless, such important factors have to be considered:

  1. The trust and reputation of the sites with backlinks.
  2. The content optimization of the websites and SEO;
  3. Anchor text in the incoming links.

It leads to the conclusion that you will be ranked higher not for using keywords but for the link to your web pages from external sites. Easier said than done, right?

Ways to get other websites to link to you

The question is quite logical based on the previously discovered information. There are a few ways to reach this effect. You can choose from the top 3 strategies:

  1. Content creation and promotion. The idea here is that compelling, unique, and profound articles, videos, etc. will motivate people to refer to it, i.e. link to it and share the knowledge with other people.
  2. Reviews and mentions. This strategy requires you to provide your product or service to the influencers. Many brands send their goods to bloggers or people with a huge social media following. Pick the right niche to meet most of your targeted audience.
  3. Links from friends and partners. It’s quite basic when you simply ask acquaintances to help you spread the content and share the link. The strategy will work great if the content is really useful, or funny, or helpful.

Such methods often take time to gather lots of links, but they are definitely worth trying. So be patient and stop looking for shortcuts. Otherwise, Google’s algorithms and rules can backfire and reflect on your SEO.

Other useful ways to build links

Use Internal Link Building to increase your rank. This method is far underrated and yet quite efficient. Such a strategy requires you to account for the anchor text, quality of the linking page, and paging the link as aimed at. While there are some elements you can’t control, you are still able to do a lot. It’s essential to determine which anchor text to use, for instance. The same goes with the quality of the text, video, images, etc. and little details, the so-called hooks to make a user really interested in what you are doing.

The conclusion

Link building is essential to help a web page move up in the Google search results. Organic link building is truly hard and takes lots of your time. There are, however, a few simpler ways to help it. Try using some strategies from this article.