ESET Antivirus solutions review

In our age of modern computer technology, even a child understands what a virus is, but not every adult understands the protection of their devices and the abundance of antivirus. In this article, we will describe the main peculiarities and functions of ESET Antivirus, which is designed to ensure the security of its users on the Internet.

ESET – the technology leader in the anti-malware product market

ESET’s product line includes solutions to protect workstations, servers, and mobile platforms. Thanks to the unique technology, the products for corporate users regularly receive recognition and awards from world experts and are able to provide reliable protection against various types of threats.

This innovation is one of the leaders in information security. The company is constantly researching and developing, making sure that in today’s world, where digital technology keeps up with the times, where most people’s lives are online, people don’t worry that their confidential data will be misused.

The ninth version of Eset Smart Security includes:

  • The antivirus module aims to fight viruses that have infiltrated your device, providing excellent protection against the intrusion of new threats.
  • An antispam module that easily handles threats from your email

Antivirus easily copes with a huge number of viruses that are already known today and has a dynamic database that instantly updates on your device when new malware is detected, a new high-speed scanner, which is made possible by ThreatSense and cloud technologies.


 Among the advantages of this solution over competitors it is worth noting:

  • Modern and reliable healed from a huge number of viruses and various types of vulnerabilities;
  • Safe surfing on the Internet, which will protect you from hackers;
  • A completely new algorithm that is able to recognize malicious sites and further block them;
  • An excellent module that aims to combat spam;
  • Reliable data protection of your customers and network users;
  • Fast recognition and blocking of exploits, protection against ransomware programs;
  • Security on social networks – a new feature from ESET;
  • A useful feature is parental controls, which will help secure your children online;
  • Check any USB storage devices for malicious code before connecting;
  • Technical support service – round the clock and free;
  • Minimal system load – consumes the minimum amount of resources;
  • Constant updates. You are one of the first to receive updates about new threats and respond to them immediately;
  • This product is easy to use, thus it is not difficult for a beginner to install and use protection.


This software has the following releases:

  • ESET NOD32

Basic protection for those who use the Internet a little, against spam, viruses, worms, Trojans, extortionist programs (which block access to personal data, demanding ransom for them), spyware, phishing attacks (from websites who use fraud to extort confidential information, usernames, passwords or bank details).

  • ESET Internet Security

In case of loss or theft, locate the device with the “Anti-theft” function. Protect your family from unwanted content, block harmful sites, restrict your child’s visits to certain sites and monitor his actions on the Internet – all thanks to the “Parental Control” function.

  • ESET Smart Security Premium

ESET Smart Security Premium – comprehensive protection against all types of threats (antispyware, protection against extortionist programs, phishing attacks (from websites that use fraudsters to extort confidential information, usernames, passwords, or bank details).